ATTENTION VALUED CLIENTS: A Million Dollar Habit You Can Download In Minutes? Yes, And More...

Tellman Knudson, ChTTellman Knudson (right)
Sir Richard Branson (left).

From: Tellman Knudson

Re: Developing A New Habit In Seconds That Makes You Act, Think, And Prosper Like A Millionaire...

Dear Valued Client,


id you know that the same reasons that Hypnosis works so well on smoking, weight loss and fears can also implant new beneficial habits?

Did you know you that the habits of the fabled "1%" of the wealthiest Americans in most cases not only help but actually CAUSE those millions to be made?

Did you know that the same habits are 100% different from the habits of everyday middle-class people, in one profound way?

However - did you know that you can skip the lengthy road from rags to riches and download that "Millionaire Habit" in under an hour?

I'm sure you didn't know all that and that's fine... you're not alone...

This Habit Is Extremely Hard To Notice...

It's NOT Your Fault. Many millionaires aren't even aware that they do this. In fact, I'd say MOST millionaires don't realize how important this one habit is. Because once you've formed it, it's almost impossible not to pop up to a whole new income bracket.

Yet online, you'll find thousands of people selling their proven "systems" and blueprints to big money, all of them useless without the right habits and thought patterns that let you effectively generate wealth in the first place (and actually grow it)...

This Process Is FAST And The Habit Is Simple. To think you can just "work through it" by reading a book or hearing a speech is naieve beyond belief.

The irony is, there is no one true "Blueprint" to wealth - there are many paths you can take... But if you don't have the right habits along the way, you won't get where you wanted to go.

This Process Is FAST And The Habit Is Simple

How is that possible?

Usually habits take months to form, so how is it that in one hour you can form a whole new habit?

Well, the truth is, you can't. Not really. Because a habit can only really be called a habit once you've done it over and over. What hypnosis can do is help you burn new associations in your subconscious mind so that you FEEL like you've developed a new habit through months of repetition, even though you haven't, (technically speaking).

All You Need To Do Is Decide You Want The Habit

And it's my job to help you form it - not over the course of years - not at a high priced seminar or series of one-on-one sessions...

But in an hour or less, by using a Hypnotic process I discovered and shared recently with a group of my closest and most valuable clients.

Here's just a few of the things you'll take from this experience:

  • You'll love the relaxation you'll feel, and you'll come out of Hypnosis feeling like you just took a WONDERFUL nap, refreshed, aware, and relaxed...
  • You'll quickly get the Millionaire Habit forming, and before the session ends you'll feel confident that you've got a new millionaire skill up your sleeve...
  • You'll find you don't need willpower or reminders to exercise this habit, because it will come as naturally to you as eating, sleeping and breathing...
  • You'll quickly see how just doing this one thing from time to time immediately opens up new opportunities, gives you new options for increased income, and compounds over time to push you further than you might think is realistic or possible right now. (And that's okay)...
  • And Much, Much More!

I Can't Accept All The Credit For The "Millionaire Habit" Concept...

I don't say this to brag or boast, in fact, this pertains directly to you so bear with me - For the past ten years I've been driven and lucky enough to surround myself with people who are more successful than I am.

Sir Richard Branson was my Ring Bearer when I got married on his private island (Necker).

I've been to dinner with giants in the publishing world, brilliant inventors and futurists like Ray Kurzweil, I know millionaires in dozens of industries, and a handfull of Billionaires too.

And, personally, I've made millions of dollars per year since 2005, and in that time I've realized that there's one HUGE reason that the people I know who make millions of dollars can do that...

Oddly enough, it's not because they're smarter than other people I know (I've met a couple of self-made millionaires who are as dumb as a bag of wet spaghetti, but they understood this one concept and that makes all the difference)...

Yet it's not enough to just KNOW the habit (and other traits) of the wealthy and prosperous, you've got to be able to make the shift to actual habit formation for yourself.

But Do It Yourself And You'll Be Completely Lost...

I've spent countless hours brainstorming with the rich and powerful, and the reality is, I know the habits inside and out. I've been using them myself for nearly a decade and I can tell you without hesitation that they're incredibly powerful...

So why go re-inventing the wheel when you can download the same habits that I have for just $19.95?

When you form this habit you'll immediately begin...

  • Managing your time and energy like a millionaire...
  • Easily spotting new opportunities and taking massive action with intensity...
  • Developing your professional network and tapping it's power to land a better job, grow your business or start new exciting projects...
  • Surprise your friends and family with your newfound boldness and daring...
  • Creating leverage points in your life that produce a ten times return on your time, energy and money - so that every step you take starts pushing you further towards the success you're hungry for...
  • Saving faster, earning more, and spending wisely to grow your investments...
  • And discovering new ways to grow your income that most people will never even hear about...

WARNING: Other "Self Help" Processes That Claim to Help You Develop A "Millionaire Mindset" May Give You BAD Money Habits!

Remember, if the hypnotist or so-called 'Guru' you're working with has never made a million dollars, then they can't very well help you develop habits to do the same.

In fact, you'd be getting "theoretical" information that could actually make your financial situation more dire!

I've seen it happen - and it's not pretty. Always make sure you're getting new habits from someone who already has had success as a result of that habit, and understands the habit inside and out.

Why You Get The $19.95 Discount Rate

As you probably know, I charge upwards of $5,000 for a session like this ordinarily -

However I have three reasons for offering you this discount and I think you'll agree with each one:

  1. I can see more people by supplying my Hypnosis online, so it's only fair I offer a steep discount...

  2. It's a quick session (Only 90 minutes tops, so it won't take enough of my time to force me to charge more)

  3. And, full disclosure, I won't be charging $19.95 for this forever. In the future, I plan to sell this session to the "general public" (You were invited to this page by either myself or a close friend) - so if and when I openly advertise this page to people who want to develop The Millionaire Habit - I'll most likely charge somewhere in the $49.95 - $375 range.

  4. However, you can get locked in at just $19.95 when you pick this up today.


100% Monty Back GuaranteeIf you decide to use this session, listen to it and follow my directions as you go, and don't have a massive breakthrough in your ability to create new opportunities for increased wealth in minutes (yes, minutes) then I'll refund every cent at any point in the next 60 days.

I realize that's a bold guarantee, but I'm 100% certain that this unique process works like nothing else in the world, and I'm willing to stand behind it and take all the risk.


Sound good? Good! However:

I'm only accepting 1000 clients at this price.

So if you want to get access, you'd better hustle!

If you want to be one of the 1000 lucky clients who gets access to this rare Hypnotic Experience to form The Millionaire Habit (and lock in your $19.95 discount rate) then you absolutely MUST order today, before we fill up.

I will make no exeptions. I can promise you the $19.95 rate if you move quickly today but I may have to charge you much more tomorrow. Take a look at my pricing chart to see exactly how much you'll save when you place your order now:

Yes Tellman, Let Me In!

Group Pricing Current Price
First 1000 Clients


*Limited Time Only



2001 and over


Price Today: $49.00 $35.95 $29.00

Today Only $19.95

Just Imagine What Life Will Be Like When You Have The Habits Of A Millionaire...

Opportunities, success and adventure lie ahead, are you ready to make a shift?

Click Here To Lock In Your $19.95 Discount In the Next 3 Minutes


P.S. Remember - this session is 100% guaranteed to be far more effective than all the books, DVD's, coaches, and seminars you could possibly buy. It's backed up by me personally, so you won't lose any money, and it's truly a no-brainer decision that anyone truly committed to success would make in a heart beat.


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