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Re: FREE Energy Boosters That You Actually Create With Your Thoughts Alone...

Dear Valued Client,


id you know that the expensive energy drinks, coffees, and other 'legal stimulants' that most people use and abuse regularly, just to get through the day may actually be robbing you of your energy, your youth, your health and your sleep?

Did you know that the very same products designed to keep you awake and alert can actually cause sharp crashes in energy levels and mood that can even lead to addiction, depression and organ damage?

Yet did you know that for thousands of years, people have been using variations on one simple trick of the mind to create more energy, work and play harder than ever before, (and sleep like a baby afterward?)...

You may be shocked to learn exactly WHY you've got low energy (and why you've never seen an "Energy Booster" like this before).

These Mental Skills Are Rare!...

It's NOT Your Fault. The real reason people don't hear about this is because the media will make far more money by selling sugar water than by teaching sold science. It's sad but unfortunately, true. So the savvy like us, have to look elsewhere to find the real healthy and effective alternatives...

What makes things worse is that the energy drinks you can buy these days contain TONS of sugar, caffeine, and other drugs and toxins that MAY give you a boost of temporary energy, but take their toll on your overall energy levels. Sugar and caffeine (especially in the double doses they sell in those big cans of energy drink) are TERRIBLE for your heart.

Yet there IS an answer and it's found in a therapeutic science I've been proud to practice for the past fourteen years. By understanding this ONE quirk of the mind, it's easy to fool yourself into tapping the deep energy stores you always have - and never turning to the fattening and crash-crazy energy drinks, pills, and powders... which means you'll actually be healtheir, happier, and more active as a result.

This Technique Only Takes 40 Minutes, And The Results Last Indefinitely...

How is that possible?

Because there's no set "shelf life" on Post Hypnotic Suggestion. That's the psychological "quirk" that lets you unlock all the energy you'd even need to make it through the day. I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist, and I've helped people just like you overcome addiction, obesity, trauma, pain, and countless irrational fears - not in weeks or months - but in (literally) seconds, once I brought them down into a hypnotic trance...

And time and time again, Hypnosis clients come back to me, and to Hypnotherapists around the world singing the praises of natural energy that doesn't rely on chemicals.

The Only "Thing" You Need To Have Twice, Four Times, TEN Times The Energy Is Already Inside Your Own Mind

And Hypnosis simply lets you control your brain better, and set your energy levels as high as you want them.

Here's just a few of the ways you'll immediately benefit from Hypnosis:

  • Feel great with a natural and clear feeling surge of energy that you just can't get from stimulants like coffee...
  • Save money every week - when you realize you don't need as many cups of coffee and tea, or energy drinks to get through the day...
  • Feel a powerful focus and concentration that lets you channel your energy into any challenges you face... Without feeling 'wired, then tired' like you might from a Red Bull...
  • Discover the power of food as fuel to help your body create a nearly limitless supply of energy all day, and exactly when you need it most...
  • You'll tap into the power of mind over matter to happily trick your own brain into making you feel better... How cool is that?
  • And amaze your family and coworkers when you power through every day like a freight train (and never stop for a third and fourth coffee like some folks out there)...
  • And Much, Much More!

I Wish I Could Pat Myself On The Back Myself For This... However, I Have To Give All Credit To A Colleague:

The World's Most Prolific Hypnotherapist, My Friend Steve G. Jones Created all three of the necessary sessions to make this Energy Solution truly a modern day breakthrough...

Steve is a world famous Clinical Hypnotherapist, who charges $15,000.00 for a one-our session. However I got you a 'no-brainer' of a deal that I'll reveal in a moment.

Steve G. Jones, M. ED, CHT

The Energy boosting sessions he's willing to share with you aren't as complex or "psychological" as you might think- in fact, Steve does all the hard work, and he's created three audio sessions to make the process as simple as "Wear Headphones, Press Play, Relax..." You don't even have to think while the audio plays - in fact it's best if you just relax and pay no attention to it at all... Each audio session is under an hour, and there are only three you'll need...

But If You Try This Alone, You'll Waste Time And Energy On A Frustrating Series Of Confusing Concepts...

The Internet is FLOODED with bad information about Hypnosis. It's almost impossible to find a truly World Class Hypnosis session on just the right topic for you - and if you've ever been frustrated trying to find specialized information like this before then you know exactly how infuriating it is.

But why settle for bad information that's hard to find when you can get the BEST Energy Hypnosis Package on EARTH For Just $17?

Just imagine how you'll feel when you can...

  • Wake up feeling Awake, Alert, Aware, And Ready For Anything
  • Immediately Get more done each day with energy left over to enjoy time with your friends and family
  • Work hard, play hard, and never face the "Afternoon Crash" that makes you feel like the walking dead...
  • Tap into the dynamo of power you had when you were a kid - and experience life in a FAR happier, healthier, and more fulfilling way...
  • Never feel 'worn out' before you even start your day again - in fact, you'll ride a consistent wave of energy and personal power that only crashes when you sleep, and actually FORCES you to sleep deeper and sounder than ever......
  • And finally be rid of the damaging chemicals that give the illusion of "Energy" but really take a toll on your body and mind... While unlocking the health and vitality that come from natural energy release!

WARNING: Most "Energy Hypnosis Tapes" Will Fail!

And here's why: Your energy comes from food. Period. 99% of the mindset, hypnosis, or even NLP sessions that exist to help you boost energy simply focus on using your mind to release more glucose and glycogen, (Blood sugars).

When your body does that, it has to get the glycogen from somewhere - so you're likely to be more hungry pretty soon, once you've used up your available glucose on (yet again) another temporary fix.

So rather than JUST boost energy, Steve and I focused on helping you stay in perfect balance with your food intake, energy use, and more importantly, your focus so that you can use your energy throughout the day to be truly effective, not merely energetic.

Why You Get The $17 Discount Rate

As I mentioned, Steve charges $15,000 for just ONE live session on Increasing Energy, Focus & Concentration or Food As Fuel... So all three would cost you $45,000.00 - But for the right person, living a life where you don't have to drag yourself around all the time would be worth far more.

However I have three reasons for offering you this discount and I think you'll agree with each one:

  1. The New Hypnotists goal is to Hypnotize one billion people in the next decade, and so it's logical that we'd give you a "no-brainer" deal to help as many people as we possibly can to boost their energy and feel amazing...

  2. As a valued client, I want you feeling GREAT so that you'll come back over and over, and share our sessions with as many people as possible. We're growing this movement from the grassroots up, so you are an important part of our growth and we want to OVER deliver...

  3. And, this is a VERY limited offer. Steve usually sells these sessions for $79.95 each - so we agreed to limit the number of packages sold at $17 to just 1000. After that, the price goes up.

  4. However, you can get locked in at just $17 when you grab this package deal right now.

Introducing: The Yellow Box
Energy Package

100% Money Back Guarantee 100% Money Back Guarantee 100% Money Back Guarantee

Increase Energy: Platinum Edition

This session will let you unlock your body's stores of saved energy, so that you can operate at peak performance without drugs and supplements...

This session sells day in and day out on Steve's website for $79.95, but it's yours today as part of the Yellow Box Energy Package For Just $17 - And look what else you get:

Discover Food As Fuel: Platinum Edition

Take the 'buzzing' and crashing out of the equation by unlocking the power of food to regulate your energy naturally and keep you at an even keel.

It's another $79.95 value, yet it's yours today at no extra cost! - And to ensure your success we added:

Confidence & Focus: Platinum Edition

What good is lots of energy if you're not focused on the right things? If you want to put your energy to the best use, you'll have to develop a laser like focus so that you can channel your energy in the smartest ways possible...

Another $79.95 value, it's yours today at no extra cost when you pick up the Yellow Box Energy Package today!


My 'Love It Or It's Free' Guarantee

100% Monty Back GuaranteeIf you grab this package deal today, listen to the sessions, and don't have notice an immediate boost in your energy levels, wellbeing, and your focus, then I'll refund every cent at any point in the next 60 days.

I realize that's a bold guarantee, but I'm 100% certain that Steve's unique sessions will give you the transformation you desire like nothing else in the world, and I'm willing to stand behind it and take all the risk.


Sound good? Good!

Fair Warning: The First 1000 Clients Will Get In At Just $17 - Then I WILL Raise The Price

I Can't Make Exceptions: I've agreed to ONLY let 1000 of my clients in at the $17 price, after that I'll be forced to raise the price immediately. Do Not Delay or you'll risk paying more!

If you hit the "Add To Cart" button below TODAY, I can guarantee you the $17 price - but if you hesitate, I'll be forced to raise my prices according to the chart below. I don't tell you this to scare you, I just want you to know why the price will be higher if you wait and come back to this page later on.

Yes Tellman, Let Me In!

Pricing Options Current Price
First 1000 Clients


*Limited Time Only



2000 and over


Price Today: $239.85 $197.00 $97

Today Only $17

Warning: You Will Need A Guide To Make This Work.

I know you can think of the type of person who's happy to go off on a project without guidance and just "see what they can do by themselves" but using your subconscious mind to tap into your natural energy reserves is NOT something you can manage by 'winging it'.

Too many things can go wrong - you can spend months working on it but only leave yourself feeling drained and hopeless. That's why we put this package together, to give you a simple, clear cut way to boost your energy without struggling to find the answer for years in vain.

Just know I've personally vetted Steve's Hypnosis and it's not just good it's phenomenal. At this price, you've got a rare opportunity to transform for pennies, and (frankly) you'd be foolish not to.

Click Here To Lock In Your $17 Discount In the Next 3 Minutes


P.S. Remember - this session is 100% guaranteed to be far more effective than all the books, DVD's, coaches, and seminars you could possibly buy. It's backed up by me personally, so you won't lose any money, and it's truly a no-brainer decision that anyone truly committed to success would make in a heart beat.


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